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Once upon a time
, there was a little girl who wanted to grow up to be an artist. She wasn’t picky. It could be in either fine or performing arts. However, she was always kept very busy in academics or sports activities with little time for art.

As a twenty something, after finishing her bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics, she was living in Washington, DC. Soon, a wonderful opportunity occurred! She could buy a needlepoint store in Georgetown and pursue an artistic career after all. The negotiations were almost complete but … her father persuaded her to be practical and go to graduate school instead.

She took another detour from her dream after completing her masters and doctorate. She pursued a very successful career in academic medicine where she was an assistant professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine and on the academic medical staff at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Still … as she did when she was a child, in her free time she indulged her artistic interests in oil painting, designing wearable art and gardens, too.

Then, one day while she was in Saks buying
cosmetics and wearing jewelry she had designed, she was discovered by their jewelry buyer!

Saks, then, became the first of her many buyers and the impetus to go after her childhood dream of an artistic career and create a successful jewelry andwearable art business.

It was almost living happily ever after, when… her son met and married his dream girl. Her fashion experience as a model and talent as a photographer added the next chapter to this story: the creation of an online opportunity for the many buyers of her designs. The voyage to making little girl dreams come true continues…

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